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Kristine Keck - Author

You’d never guess that this single mom, running a multi-million dollar lumberyard in a male-driven industry, tucked away in the small mountain community of Truckee-Tahoe, CA, would spend her free time goofing off with her kids, Abigail and Kaelem (rhymes with Salem), perfecting the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie and writing children’s books.


Kristine Keck is an author that aspires to encourage kids of all ages to read, explore and wonder. She feels that when we bring mystery, intrigue and excitement to reading today, we nurture the curiosity that creates the discoverers of tomorrow.

Heidi Barnett - Illustrator

Heidi lives with her family inthe Pacific Northwest,a location whose gorgeous natural scenery profoundly inspires her work. Descended from a family of artists, the turn towards painting as an outlet for her creative passionsfollowed early and naturally. Color represents Heidi’s first and most fundamental inspiration, and her vibrant paintings have earned her a devoted following.The Moon Thiefwas particularly meaningful, creating the images with the inspiration of her three beloved grandsons Nathan, Killian and Valentino in mind and heart. You can see more of Heidi’s work at

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