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I'm not sure I've ever really been asked anything frequently. Apart from the inquiry regarding my choice for fries or salad. I get that one fairly frequent, though I'm not sure how that applies here, so it may not be a good candidate for this section of my website. Nor is it very intriguing. I also can't imagine, in the inception of my career, that anyone [yet] is truly inquisitive with the same questions to need to dedicate an entire page of my website for addressing them. My children, however, have asked questions that are frequently amusing, some of which are undoubtedly webpage worthy.


So FAQ  you want, FAQ, you shall have!

  • Mommy, will I grow a tail?"
    Only if you lie.
  • Why Can't I see my eyes?
    The same reason you can't lick your tongue or smell your nose.
  • Why does this taste funny?
    Beause it's a shopping cart.
  • Do you like my drawing?
    I hope that's chocolate and why is it on the window?
  • Mommy, can we start practicing yoda?"
    Practice we will. Much to learn you have... It's YOGA, dear..
  • Can you do magic?
  • Why does it taste like soap?
    Because it's soap.
  • Can I have candy for breakfast?
    Not unless you want to grow a tail and hang out with the liars.
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