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The Moon Thief

Something terrible is happening in a small rural town! A very adventurous little boy with a fantastical imagination discovers that the moon is getting smaller by the day and a mysterious thief must be stealing it! It is up to him and his dog, Luna to bring it back.


The Moon Thief ignites our children's imaginations to ponder the wonders of the world in which they live. When a courageous young boy becomes fascinated with the changing moon, he discovers a dark and mystifying land of shadows, dancing and laughter. It is here he is faced with The Moon Thief. 


At the story's end you'll find an educational explanation and diagram on why the moon really changes, along with a fun calendar to track the moon's phases. When we bring mystery, intrigue and excitement to education today, we nurture the curiosity that creates the discoverers of tomorrow. 


The Moon Thief targeting kids ages 6-12, does just that, encouraging them to read, explore and wonder!


The Moon Thief

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